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Our Young Musicians

Claire Choi, violin

Claire Choi is currently a freshman at Valley Christian High School and started playing violin in 2nd grade. She is a member of the California Youth Symphony’s Senior Orchestra, and is studying violin with Jiwon Evelyn Kwark. She has won awards in various music competitions such as USOMC, KAMSA and Silicon Valley Music Competition. Outside of violin, she enjoys doing art, piano and playing with her dog.

Claire Jeon, violin

Claire Jeon, eleven from California, has been playing the violin since the age 6 and has been with California Youth Symphony Intermediate Ensemble since 2020. She performed in her school Gala Concert at Music Recital Hall Center of Performing Arts in Santa Clara University in 2019 and 2020. She has been chosen as an Second Place Winner of American Protege International Piano and String Competition 2022. Other than playing the violin, Claire enjoys spending time with drawing, writing books, and playing tennis.

Ellie Cho, piano

Ellie Cho who is very passionate about art, singing, dancing, and reading is happy for this concert. She is an incoming 4th grader at Alta Vista Elementary school and has received State Honors from her first MTAC this year. Ellie shines when she is playing the piano with all her heart and happy for sharing it with others. 

Elliot Kim, piano

Born in San Franciso, California, Elliot Kim is a soon-to-be sophomore in high school. He has played piano for 9 years and has also played cello for 7 years. He has gotten many Honors from MTAC as well hitting an advanced level. With Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, he also won the 3rd place prize in the San Francisco International Innovative Music Competition. As a former member of the Berkely Youth Orchestra and the school orchestra, he has also performed multiple times on stage and within the local community. As a person who loves music, he is looking to play for Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra, competitions, and experiences as well.

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